M.Sc. Programme in Forestry

The MSc programme in Forestry is geared for students who have completed their undergraduate studies in Forestry and have obtained the degree of BSc in Forestry or in related sciences. The programme lasts for three semesters (18 months) and starts in October. After completing the courses, presenting the master’s theses and passing the final examinations the student receives the degree of M.Sc. in Forestry.
During their studies, students are offered lectures, practicals, labs and field practicals/trips. Apart from obligatory courses students may select from a number of electives.
Semester 1 consists of 17 obligatory courses. Semester 2 consists of 11 obligatory courses and 7 electives. Semester 3 is of a slightly different character, as it offers courses and seminars which should help students complete their master’s theses. It contains no obligatory courses, but students select from a variety of electives, labs and field practicals.
The detailed description of the programme and courses is presented in the following MSc in Forestry brochure.

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