Our Programmes

Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Forestry – in Polish

The Faculty of Forestry offers Bachelor (B.Sc.F.) and Master (M.Sc.F.) Programmes.
The Bachelor Programme is offered to candidates with a good command of biology, mathematics, physics and chemistry and with strong interests in natural and technical sciences. The programme takes 7 semesters (3.5 years) to complete and can be realized in three specialization areas: general forestry, forest protection and forestry business.
The Bachelor Programme represents a wide spectrum of subject areas which cover botany, zoology, chemistry, mathematics and statistics, ecology, silviculture, soil science, pathology, entomology, game management, protection of forests, economics and management, forest machinery and wood transport, forest engineering and hydrology, wood harvesting, wood science, to name only the main subject areas. Upon successful completion of the programme, the candidate is awarded the degree of Bachelor of Science in Forestry (B.Sc.F.).
The Master’s Programme is offered to graduates with a Bachelor’s degree in forestry (B.Sc.F.). A Master’s is for 3 semesters. The programme consists of lectures, labs and in-the-field training/trips.
The curriculum covers a wide spectrum of subjects which concentrate around advanced forest biology, technology, management and economics.
The student will also benefit from seminars run by well experienced academic staff. The objectives of the programme are to provide the student with advanced knowledge of the subject covered by the curriculum as well as with modern forestry research methods. Students are required to prepare a master’s thesis and pass a final examination in order to obtain the degree of Master of Science in Forestry (M.Sc.F.)
While in school, students can benefit from a number of international study programmes, like Erasmus, CEEPUS, Leonardo da Vinci programme or Euroforester.
These programmes enable students to complete a part of the curriculum or take part in various courses abroad; at other higher education institutions that co-operate with the Poznań University of Life Sciences.